Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kolot HaLev's Annual Concert

My Soul Longs for You
Melodies of the Russian Jews

Day Of Learning

The Kolot Halev Choir, with Guest Artists, presents music from the rich Jewish Russian tradition at 


8300 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Before the crossing; before America, before Israel, there was the Pale. Russia, a place of faith, family, longing and adversity. Memories of that time and place are preserved in Russian Jewish melodies that have been sung around the world.

Kolot HaLev introduces these melodies to you along with others from the Shoah, Israel, and modern Russia that echo the heart and soul of the Jewish people. These songs traversed cultures and geographical boundaries, and in the process took on an entirely new identity, came to serve a new purpose, and inspire new, very different generations of people.

Joining Kolot HaLev are Cantor Natasha Hirschhorn and an array of virtuoso instrumentalists.

Admission: $18 adults ($20 at the door) $6 Students & Children


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      Joan Waldman  
    Artistic Director
      Ramón Tasat
    Vice President
      Eugene Ridberg        
      Nessa Spitzer
      Naomi Balto  
    Board Member
      Steve Hausman

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Kolot HaLev - Voices of the Heart - embodies the love of music and the community of people who come together every Thursday evening to learn new music and sing together as one voice. We thrive in seeing the happiness on the faces of our concert audiences, the excitement in the air, and the explosion of applause and bravo’s!


Kolot HaLev has performed in various venues, including the North American Jewish Choral Festival, the Jewish Heritage Museum in New York City, Arlington National Cemetery, and elsewhere in the DC area.


Our mission is to recover the treasures of Jewish music that have disappeared from our communities and bring them back for everyone to hear and enjoy, as well as to acquaint audiences with newly composed inspiring Jewish choral music.


Through our music, we aspire to build bridges between denominations through the experience and spirituality of this profoundly moving choral music.


Audiences have been pleasantly surprised that a community choir, without auditions, sings sophisticated and varied music at such a high level.